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Save these banners to your computer and promote them on your website. Make sure you include your Hop Link. Upload to imgur.com to host these images (or your website).

Best Target Audiences to Promote Recruit More Direct Referrals

People who click at PTC websites usually aren't making much money, but some of them are. Most have enough to spend $9.99 on this e-book. You just have to get the offer in front of them. They want to make more money and that's where the e-book will help them.

Basically anyone of legal age that can earn money online, has internet access and spare time to click and promote PTC websites, can benefit from the e-book.

Advertising on PTC websites converts well.

Give The Free Version of RMDR to Your Website Visitors

I offer a free version of Recruit More Direct Referrals. You can download it below and offer it as a lead capture, write a blog post about it, give it away to your website visitors, etc...

Be sure to include your ClickBank Hop Link somewhere, so they can purchase through your Hop Link and you receive Credit for the transaction.

View and Download the Free Version

Strong Selling Points of Recruit More Direct Referrals

Recruit More Direct Referrals is an e-book that I spent a LOT of time writing and filling it with information I have gained over the past few years of dealing with every method of making money online.

The main selling point is the 15 different methods to recruit Direct Referrals to PTC, TE, BF, and RS websites.

Recently, I have added 2 more sections that are "key" selling points as well. I added a section on How to Get Direct Referrals to Neobux and I created a list of 42 trusted websites to advertise at to get Direct Referrals.

Customers will also have the opportunity to receive a Top 10 PTC page from The PTC Place (my website) which is included as one of the 15 ways. Only customers who purchase Recruit More Direct Referrals can receive a Top 10 PTC page. Some may purchase the e-book just to receive a Top 10 PTC page.

​Customers will also learn very important information to help them successfully manage their Direct Referrals and expert tips from me.

The customer will always have access to me to answer any questions they have and guide them along their journey.​​

Using any or all of those selling points will most likely lead to higher conversions and more sales.

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Suggested keywords for SEO or PPC advertising

- Direct Referrals

- Get Direct Referrals

​- Recruit More Direct Referrals

- Direct Referrals "Website Name"

​- Free Direct Referrals​

Become An Affiliate and Promote 

Recruit More Direct Referrals

Earn 50% of every sale you are responsible for as a ClickBank affiliate when you promote the Recruit More Direct Referrals e-book.​

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Any combination of those keywords can be used. Most of those are actual searches I found using a keyword tool.

You can use these banners on your website, promote them on Paid to Click websites or through advertising networks. Feel free to create your own banners.

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Ideas for Blog posts to promote Recruit More Direct Referrals

​Besides putting a banner on the top or side of your website, you can write articles about how to get Direct Referrals to Paid to Click, Traffic Exchange, Bitcoin Faucet and/or Revenue Sharing websites and provide a link or banner to your ClickBank Hop link. Quality Blog posts will convert better than anything else without a doubt.

Basically, any blog post you write about the types of websites mentioned above, you can provide a link or banner to your hop link and you will receive credit if the visitor purchases the e-book.​

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- Get Direct Referrals PTC sites

​- Buy Direct Referrals PTC sites

​- Get Direct Referrals Free
- How to get Direct Referrals
​- Get Direct Referrals Easy

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