Recruit More Direct Referrals will be available instantly after purchasing for a one time payment of $9.99 via a downloadable .PDF file link found on the order confirmation page and on your order receipt.

Proof the 15 methods in Recruit More Direct Referrals, Actually gets you Direct Referrals!​​

The image below is 26 different images compiled together showing how many Direct Referrals only a few of my customers have recruited using the methods you learn about in Recruit More Direct Referrals

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I can help!​​

Hi friend, my name is David Pate and I am the owner and creator of The PTC Place and the author of Recruit More Direct Referrals.​

I have personally helped hundreds of people recruit tens of thousands of Direct Referrals to their favorite Paid to Click websites using many different methods.

Now, I Am Going To Help You!

Yes, I am honestly going to help you finally get Direct Referrals to your favorite PTC websites, so you can quit wasting your time and money trying different methods that DO NOT WORK.


Learn How to Get Direct Referrals to your favorite websites after you read my e-book and start taking action on what you learn.

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​​​​​​Who and What are Direct Referrals?

Direct Referrals are REAL people who join a Paid to Click, Traffic Exchange, Bitcoin Faucet and/or a Revenue Sharing website using your referral link. They are considered your Direct Referral and they can earn you commissions for every purchase they make, clicks, offers, survey's and tasks your referral completes, for the life of the website. Basically, a Direct Referrals can earn you money when they are active and earn money.

Are You Ready To Recruit More Direct Referrals?

It does not matter if you are a complete newbie to PTC, TE, BF, or RS websites or an expert at them. My e-book will help you by providing you with 2+ years of knowledge of what works and what does not into one e-book. 
You will also have be able to receive a Top PTC page (page with up to 20 of your referral links) and you will have access to me anytime, after you make your purchase.

You will learn how to get your PTC website referral links in front of people and get them to sign up and earn you money.

I spent a lot of time filling it with ALL of the information I gained over the past 2+ years of working with all types of websites and helping others recruit Direct Referrals to their favorite websites.

My e-book is where you learn everything I have learned. It's designed to take you in as a beginner and help you get the most out of any website. Don't worry, Experts can benefit from my e-book as well. Contact me below if you have any questions.

​​"Hi, I am Venkat. I always wanted to earn a stable income online and so I chose the PTC sites for a regular income online. The KEY to earn through PTC sites is to have the maximum number of referrals under you. But early on, I struggled a lot and was unable to get referrals to my sites.

Purchase Recruit More Direct Referrals for a One Time payment of ONLY:


Recruit More Direct Referrals will be available instantly after purchasing for a one time payment of $9.99 via a downloadable .PDF file link found on the order confirmation page and on your order receipt.

Payments are 100% Secure and handled by ClickBank. Many security features are implemented to protect your information.

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What is Recruit More Direct Referrals about?

Recruit More Direct Referrals is 104 pages long and is split into 6 very informative sections:

Section 1:

The Basics

You start the e-book by learning the basics of PTC, TE, BF and RS websites. After that, you learn how you make money with those types of websites and how to advertise on PTC websites. 

Section 2:

Recruiting Direct Referrals (15 ways)

Then, you get right into learning the 15 different methods I recommend to get Direct Referrals.

Section 3:

Information you NEED to know

After you learn the methods, I explain important information that will benefit you. 

Section 4:

Maintaining your Direct Referrals

Next, you need to learn how to maintain your Direct Referrals, so I give a few tips to do just that. 

Section 5:


The Tips section is a few tips that may benefit you. 

Section 6:

​The Plan

Last but not least, we get to "The Plan." The Plan is where I explain exactly what I would do if I had a certain amount of money, and I wanted to advertise somewhere in hopes of getting Direct Referrals who earn me money.

I start out explaining what I would do if I didn't have any money ($0). Then I explain, what I would do if I had $10 to advertise. It goes up from there. I explain what I would if I had $25, $26 - $100, and $100+ to spend on advertising in hopes of getting Direct Referrals and make me money.

The Plan Is Not A Guaranteed Way Or Place To Advertise To Get Your Money Back.

It gives you an idea of what I would do if I had to start over with nothing, but I had the same experience I do now. I start out very specific ($0 - $25), but I get more broad when explaining what I would do with more than $25.​

I even spent a lot of money on advertising but was not successful and i was looking for different sources to recruit Direct referrals under me. And then David was the best thing to happen in my Life! With the help of his Tips and guidelines provided in the E-book 'Recruit More Direct Referrals' i was able to get hundreds and even thousands of referrals under me and it was like a dream come true for me! The Concepts and Ideas are really very unique and very effective and i recommend this to everyone who is desperate to gain Direct referrals. I am very much satisfied with his Services and i am constantly in touch with him. He is a very good person and helps me every time when i need any advice. He is also a very good friend of mine! I am really very thankful to him. Today i am earning a good income online and it is only because of David and his E-books and his other services. I strongly recommend the Ebook 'Recruit More Direct referrals' for 100% satisfactory results. Thank you"

Venkat R.

"If you are a newbie in online business and want to grow your business beyond your imagination then Direct Referrals are the key point of your success. And 'Recruit More Direct Referrals' covers all the tips and tricks on how to do that practically.”


As I mentioned earlier, customers who purchase my e-book, Recruit More Direct Referrals will be able to receive their own Top PTC page from my website, The PTC Place. A Top PTC Page is a page that will have your Referral Links to the websites you choose, in the rank (order) you choose. A Top PTC Page looks like the image below, but it can be customized to your preference.

Benefits to Purchasing Recruit More Direct Referrals:

After purchasing my e-book, you can (will):
- Learn the 15 different methods I recommend to recruit Direct Referrals.
- Receive a Top PTC page from The PTC Place.
- Learn exactly what works to get Direct Referrals and what does not work.

- Learn to build your own website for free and get Direct Referrals (optional).

- Learn "The Plan"
- Have access to me at all times.

The amount you earn is determined by the website. There are millions of members at the 4 types of websites above and thousands more are joining daily.

The money is there, you just have to get it.

So, why not have them join through YOUR Referral Links? 

In my e-book, you will learn the 15 different methods I recommend to recruit Direct Referrals, The Plan, and as a bonus, you will even be able to receive a Top PTC Page from my website, The PTC Place. You learn exactly how to get your referral links in front of people, so they can possibly join the website(s) you are offering.

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